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Support and train your Sales Development Representatives with sales intelligence they generate.

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Outbound sales is a numbers game. Without Pickle, you don’t have the numbers.

The average SDR dials their lead list from 50 to 100 times every day.  If it’s a good contact, the sales development representative will connect with a live person.  Depending on the industry, the next hurdle is getting past the gatekeeper.  With persistence and lots more cold calling, SDRs ultimately talk with decision-makers and schedule appointments.

SDRs have to be resilient, always learning, and continuously improving.  Above all, SDRs have to connect with as many leads as they can. Once they connect with leads, their job is to schedule an appointment for the account executive.

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Easily Understand All Your Phone Calls

The volume of calls from a sales team mounts quickly.

Sales Managers need processes, tools, and tech stacks to sift through the massive quantity of conversations for the golden nuggets.

Calls per day
Calls per week
Calls per Month

Visibility into Contacts and what happens on each call

  • Direct number
  • IVR tree
  • Live Person
  • Gatekeeper
  • Meaningful lead
  • De-prioritize

Improve Your Process

  • Pinpoint sales bottlenecks
  • Know where SDRs get stopped
  • Verify call disposition and connection rate
  • Find and understand objections
  • Create statements to overcome objections
  • Test and improve

Communication Insights

  • Quickly onboard with a library of great call examples
  • Find specific calls to uncover opportunities to improve
  • Script adherence
  • Sales abilities and weaknesses
  • Communication techniques and skills
  • Gather best practices and tribal knowledge

Intelligent Lead Management That's Delicious

Every sales group is unique. Pickle knows this, and our mission is to help you capitalize on your teams’ strengths.

Our platform does not have baked-in sales metrics and indicators.  Pickle uses your communications to formulate your own custom labels, tags, and summaries. The result is original data and insights served just for your team. 

Insert your expertise into Pickle to elevate everyone to top performers.

Objectively qualify your leads. Stop reps from complaining about their marketing leads and lead lists. With Pickle, you have real data to confirm whether or not leads are good.

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Lead Management System

  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)
  • Summary of good vs. bad leads
  • Contact ratio

Improve Your Process

  • Reduce manual input
  • Map data directly from the conversation to specific CRM fields
  • Analyze calls to create a disposition or record in CRM
  • Integrate with Salesforce, HubSpot, and more
  • Data hygiene (objective and consistent rather than rely on rep)
  • Identify the progress of each sales lead
  • Record details of every interaction
  • Structure the best follow up

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